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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, said in response to Tory proposals on sentencing and Ken Clarke’s comments on rape:

“These proposals are an outrage and show how out of touch David Cameron’s Government is on crime. The idea that someone can get their sentence halved for something as serious as rape just because they plead guilty early is repugnant. It could mean a convicted rapist spending just 15 months in prison.

“Ken Clarke has heard first hand today the effects of the Tory-led Government’s flippant and complacent attitudes towards sentencing on victims of crime. He should not be Justice Secretary.

“You cannot have a Justice Secretary who has made no effort to meet with victims to discuss his proposals, who doesn’t understand the law on sentencing, and who seems to think that some rapes are inherently more serious than others. 

“David Cameron must put victims and the public first. He should abandon his reckless sentencing policies and sack Ken Clarke.”

Ken Clarke's comments today show that he does not know what the Sentencing Guidelines for rape are:

"I don’t think many judges give five years for a forcible rape, frankly. The tariff is longer than that and a serious rape where you know, violence and an unwilling woman, the tariff’s much longer than that"
Ken Clarke, Radio 5 Live, 18 May 2011




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