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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, commenting on the Government announcement to approve the first stage of Trident renewal, said:

“Britain’s independent deterrent has been the cornerstone of our peace and security over half a century and our view is that in today’s world, as long as there are other countries with such capability, it is right that the UK retains an independent nuclear deterrent.

“In 2007 Parliament supported an independent continuous at sea nuclear deterrent. It is crucial that a review of that decision is evidence-based and in the interests of national security, not driven by the dynamic within the Coalition parties.

“We welcome the announcement to proceed to Initial Gate, but there are big questions for the Government to answer. It is still unclear why there has been a delay and how much this will add to costs. We need to know from which budgets the total cost of the replacement will be met.

“Maintaining the UK independent deterrent must be part our continuing to lead global multilateral disarmament efforts.”

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