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In advance of today's publication of the Government’s review into the costs of the rail industry, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Maria Eagle MP has set out three areas of the government’s expected plans that Labour will oppose.

Labour will oppose any proposals to:

  • Add to the fragmentation of the industry by breaking up the nation’s rail infrastructure and handing over track to the private sector.
  • Allow the train operating companies even greater freedoms to set the level of the fares (and give up the Secretary of State’s powers in relation to fares).
  • Cut frontline staff, further removing the ‘human face’ of the railway that passengers want and expect.

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle MP said:

”It's clear that the Tory-led Government plans to embark on a dangerous experiment by breaking up Britain's railway infrastructure. We do need to look at taking costs out of the industry but yet more fragmentation isn't the answer. Neither should passengers be expected to take on yet more of the cost when they are already seeing household budgets squeezed by the eye watering fare rises ordered by Ministers.

“If we are all in this together then why is the burden yet again on the fare-payer but not on those already making huge profits which are lost to the industry and help to drive up the cost to the taxpayer.”

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