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Ahead of Cameron's speech on the Big Society today, Tessa Jowell said:

"A year into the ‘big society', David Cameron's big idea has stalled. Big promises have been made but little has been delivered. Soaring political speeches like this may get headlines, but in practice this rhetoric is contradicted by this Government's actions.

"Cameron's failure to pursue the ‘big society' through progressive principles in practice means that, without a change in direction, it will fail.

“Under the indiscriminate impact of accelerated cuts the essential elements of community life are slowly being starved of sustenance. What we lose in the next two years may become impossible to rebuild in ten."

In response to the Giving White Paper, she added:

"While support any measures to increase volunteering and charitable giving,  we do have to remember that the last year has seen the amount given by the UK's wealthiest individuals fall by more than a third. Government action is making life harder for charities, with their tax bills rising by more than £225 million this year.

“As we face the biggest squeeze on living standards for a generation, it is highly unlikely that philanthropy will see charities through the Government induced financial crisis that they are currently facing.”

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