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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, responding to briefings on the Prevent strategy, said:

"Preventing extremism is vital to our national security and it is too important to be dogged by this kind of government confusion, ministerial in-fighting and media briefing. It seems Theresa May has lost another battle on her own policies, and raises serious questions if the Prime Minister is ignoring his Home Secretary's and security advisor's advice.
"The Prime Minister needs to make sure the government does not reduce the work to tackle violent extremism. We already know that the police counter terrorism budget has been cut and there will be 12,000 fewer police officers because of the Government's cuts, including counter terrorism officers.
"The review of the Prevent strand of the the UK's counter terrorism strategy, inherited from the previous Government, has been much delayed and looks set once again to fail to meet the Conservatives' pre-election promises. David Cameron promised before the General Election that Hizb ut Tahrir, a non-violent extremist group, would be banned. They haven't been and it remains to be seen what action he will take on these groups.
"Updating Prevent is extremely important and needs to be based on the evidence -- learning the lessons of what has worked and changing what hasn't worked. But Ministers need to show they are making decisions in the interests of public safety based on evidence not on political calculation."

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