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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on the National Crime Agency, said:

“This is a chaotic and confusing process, with a lack of leadership from the Home Office. Handling this so badly at the same time as 20 per cent cuts to the police is making it harder for the police to do their jobs. 

“The total cost of this reorganisation of the National Crime Agency and police and crime commissioners is now an estimated £120m at a time when over 12,000 police officers are being cut. 

“We support further reforms to national policing building on the Serious & Organised Crime Agency that Labour set up, and which achieved a 93 per cent conviction rate. 

“But this has been so badly handled, it's caused real problems for the police. Plans to scrap the Serious Fraud Office and take counter terrorism from the Met have been tried and then dropped. Merging the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency is still strongly opposed by child protection experts. And there is still complete confusion over what is happening to things like the DNA database and national training done by the National Police Improvement Agency.

“The Home Secretary’s incoherence is helping to create a perfect storm of police cuts, haphazard reorganisation and piecemeal reform. For the renamed national crime agency to be successful, it needs steady leadership, clarity and the resources to deliver. In the end reorganisation is no substitute for police officers on the ground doing the job.”

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