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Douglas Alexander, Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary, responding to the Libya Contact Group meeting in Abu Dhabi, said:

“William Hague revealed in the House this week that Britain had assumed the prime responsibility for organising the international community's post conflict planning in Libya. Yet at the weekend he admitted that work was only at an “embryonic” stage.

“This summit must take immediate steps to broaden the international response to post-conflict planning and bring greater clarity to the roles of the UN and the Stabilisation Response Team.

"Britain is already making a significant military contribution to the enforcement of UNSCR 1973. The Government has not offered an explanation as to why, in addition to this role, Britain has also now assumed the prime responsibility for organising the international community's post-conflict planning in Libya.

“The Government must therefore do more urgently to ensure genuine burden sharing within the international community on the issue of post-conflict planning."

Responding to the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor's comments Mr Alexander said:"We have heard horrifying claims that remind the world again just what Gaddafi is capable of. By enforcing the United Nations mandate to protect civilians in Libya, Britain's armed forces and those of our allies are working to prevent such crimes from being perpetrated across Libya."

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