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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to Joint Committee report on the Home Office's pre-charge detention proposals, said:

“The Home Secretary is in danger of repeatedly mishandling important counter terror measures and she needs to take urgent action on this serious cross party report from senior MPs and peers.

“We warned at the beginning that her detailed proposals on pre-charge detention would not be workable in practice and she should look at alternatives. Now the committee has concluded the plans are ‘totally unsatisfactory and ineffective’, and the Government’s own counter terror watchdog, has said they are not good enough.

“Yet the Government has already gone ahead and changed the system of pre-charge detention without waiting for this report. The Home Secretary told us that 28 days pre-charge detention will still be necessary in exceptional circumstances. However she has already rushed to remove it from the statute book without developing a satisfactory way to reinstate it swiftly if exceptional circumstances arise.

“The Government needs to urgently come forward with a workable way in which this can take place.

"A series of counter terror measures are currently shrouded in confusion, as the Home Secretary has had to change her plans on stop and search, and there are major contradictions between her current use of Control Orders and the new legislation she is bringing in. Counter terrorism is too important to be dogged by confusion and lack of clarity in this way.”

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