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Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary
, on the closing day of the consultation on the revised criteria for the Government’s plan to sell a major trust port under the Ports Act 1999, has called on Ministers to abandon plans to sell the Dover Port.

Maria Eagle MP said: 

“If the Big Society is to be more than just a slogan, then the Tory-led Government should back a community ownership model for Dover Port instead of flogging it off for a one off gain. The people of Dover have made their opposition to privatisation clear, and they should now be given a real stake in the future of their local port in a way that still ensures vital new investment can be secured. 

“The Tory-led Government has already been forced to hold this additional consultation on revised criteria by which to judge the privatisation bid from the Dover Harbour Board as a result of local pressure, including a poll of residents which found that over 97% opposed the sale. 

"Britain’s Trust Ports, just like our National Air Traffic Service, do not cost the taxpayer a penny to run. David Cameron’s rush to sell off Britain’s strategic transport assets is not in the country’s long term interests.”

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