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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the Government’s reforms to the MoD, said: 

“Reform of the Ministry of Defence is vital to ensuring all our Forces have the support and equipment they need to do the job. Successful reform should strengthen the bottom line and bolster the front line, enhancing Britain’s ability to project force and tackle new threats, and to do so cost-effectively. We welcome today’s announcements on widening the pool of promotion, making Chiefs more accountable for spending and, in principle, some of the changes in MoD structure. 

“The rushed and arbitrary decisions taken in the Government’s defence review, however, have created a blackhole in MoD finances.  Ministers sought efficiency savings they could not find and are engaged in events they did not foresee.   

"The Secretary of State spent just as much time in Opposition agreeing to our spending plans and demanding greater spending on the military as he has done in Government providing them with less.

“We need clarity on the scale of the mismatch between the MoD’s assumptions and the spending settlement and whether there are set to be more cuts to programmes in this Parliament.”

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