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Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, commenting on the Environmental Audit Committee report on the impact of UK aid on environmental protection, said:

'The UK Government must use its influence and position as a leading donor to the World Bank to ensure that British aid does not make climate change worse.'

A year ago David Cameron promised that this would be "the greenest government ever". But already he has broken that promise - allowing George Osborne to block plans for a Green Investment Bank and watering down feed-in tariffs scheme for renewable energy. David Cameron must walk the talk at home and abroad.

'This report also says that DFID's work with the private sector must be "climate smart". The Government must ensure the private sector is a force for good by taking action to ensure companies working in the developing world do not cause environmental damage but instead help tackle the unacceptable inequality that traps millions in poverty.'

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