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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary
, commenting on the court ruling restricting police powers, said:

"This is a matter of grave concern for police across the country. They have suddenly been told they may not be able to recall suspects who are out on police bail for further questioning, an ID parade or other investigation unless there is new evidence in place. Because it seems this has immediate effect, it will disrupt vital ongoing investigations and hugely hamper the police in their job. Police officers I have spoken to are deeply alarmed at the implications for criminal cases they are working on right now.

"The Home Office have known about this judgment for six weeks. The Home Secretary needs to explain urgently what her legal advice says and what she will do to sort this problem and make sure thousands of ongoing investigations aren't lost. If the only answer is emergency legislation to temporarily restore the old arrangements until further work can be completed then we stand ready to help the Home Secretary get this through. But the public and police need an urgent answer so important cases aren't put at risk."

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