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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, said on Ken Clarke's admission that the Tory-led Government will not be creating or changing legislation on self-defence against a burglary, despite David Cameron's announcement last week:

“This Government has used spin and smokescreens of new laws in an attempt to distract from what is a Justice Bill in total shambles. Public trust in the criminal justice system is being eroded as a result. 

“After David Cameron announced last week that he was planning to toughen up the law on self-defence against a burglary, Ken Clarke has had to admit that the Tory-led Government will be doing no such thing. 

“Instead of creating or changing legislation as originally suggested, the Government have now said they are simply going to clarify it. But the law is already clear – under the existing law people can rightly defend themselves and their property with reasonable force.”

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