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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary
, responding to the application for a stay on the police bail judgement, said:

“The Government is still playing catch up while operations are being put at risk. It is unbelievable that when we asked Ministers yesterday whether a stay had been applied for, they said no. And when we repeatedly urged them to apply for a stay and a fast court hearing they clearly had not even considered the option.

“This should have happened six weeks ago. Instead we have had days of chaos for the police, and a minimum of a further three days of chaos because of the Government’s delays.

“The Government should have applied for a suspension of this judgement, pending appeal, six weeks ago. And the emergency legislation that is still not ready should have been passed by Parliament by now.

“The police need clarity about their operational capacity right now, because thousands of investigations are being jeopardised and victims are being put at risk because bail conditions are not being enforced. Once this is over, the Government needs a full review to learn the lessons of this disaster.”

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