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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting ahead of Sir Hugh Orde’s warning to the Association of Chief Police Officers about proposed police changes, said:
"This is a serious warning for the Home Secretary from one of Britain's top police officers which she would be deeply unwise not to heed.
“David Cameron and Theresa May are taking big risks on law and order. Hugh Orde is right to point out that the Home Secretary is reducing police numbers and police powers but increasing the risk of politicisation. This endangers the centuries old tradition of impartiality as well as the effectiveness of the police and it is communities that will pay the price.
“They are whipping up a perfect storm, cutting 12,000 officers, weakening police powers, risking impartial British policing with American-style elected commissioners, sowing confusion over national policing plans, and undermining police morale by bad handling of pay and pension reforms. All this is at a time when pressures on the police are growing as unemployment remains high, and prevention and probation work is all being heavily cut.
“The Tory-led government is relying on the police to do more than ever before, but the scale of cuts and badly done reform are making that harder than ever.”

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