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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the Supreme Court’s ruling to dismiss an application for a stay or suspension of the High Court judgement on police bail, said:

“We need to know urgently whether Government delays have contributed to the Supreme Court decision not to suspend the judgment on police bail.
“The Attorney General should have stepped in to apply for a stay of judgement weeks ago.

“And the Home Office -- who knew about this case over a month ago -- should have got emergency legislation ready weeks ago too. The Home Secretary should have got a grip on this.

“Instead Government incompetence and delays are putting public protection at risk, jeopardising justice for victims and witnesses and putting the police in an impossible position.

“This means we have at least another week where the police find it difficult to enforce bail conditions or recall suspects. It is a particular concern for domestic violence cases where bail restrictions such as staying away from the victim's home or work, or the children's school, are vital for safety and securing prosecutions.

“I am again calling for the Government to speed up this emergency legislation process because the police are facing serious difficulties and victims are in danger of intimidation. The current timetable will not see the legislation passed for at least a week.

“We also need an urgent inquiry into how the Home Office has managed to create this operational disaster. The Government knew about this judgement nearly seven weeks ago. Its failure to produce a solution is a damning indictment of the Home Secretary’s judgement.”

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