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Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said today in response to reports that Milly Dowler's phone had been hacked:

“I’m appalled at what has happened. Milly Dowler’s parents were in a tortured state, worried about the fact that she had been abducted, she’d gone missing and it is absolutely awful that they were given false hope by the kind of criminal activity that seems to have been going on. 

“Members of the public right up and down this country will be appalled by what happened and will say British journalism, known for its high standards, known for its history, has had one if its lowest days.” 

Ed Miliband said on Rebekah Brooks and News International:

“She should consider her position. But this goes well beyond one individual. This is about the culture and practices that were obviously going on at the News of the World, for a sustained period. It wasn’t a rogue reporter. It wasn’t just one individual. 

"This was a systematic series of things that happened. And what I want from executives at News International is for people to start taking responsibility for this, people to start saying why this happened. 

“After the police inquiries are complete, a proper inquiry needs to be set up into the culture and practices which allowed these things to happen."

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