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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary
, commenting on the Victims’ Commissioner's call today for a new Victim's Law, said:

“Victims should be at the heart of our criminal justice system. This means delivering effective justice and treating victims with respect and dignity and supporting them through all stages of the process, including when a case reaches court, which can often be a deeply traumatic experience for those involved. 

“This timely report from the Victims’ Commissioner should make for very sober reading to this government who need to do much more to rebuild public trust in the justice system and make sure victims’ rights are protected. 

“This government seem to have a blind spot when it comes to victims, as demonstrated in their botched sentencing plans, cuts in funding of victim support services and delays in compensating victims of overseas terrorism. Its about time they listened to victims’ views and did what’s needed to support them. 

“I welcome the call for a new Victims' Law which will enshrine the proper treatment, information and rights bereaved families of victims of crime should receive.”

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