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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, reacting to the continued revelations from the phone hacking scandal and evidence given today by senior police officers to the Home Affairs Select Committee, said:
“Today’s committee evidence shows the urgency of establishing the public inquiry straight away and extending its remit too. Whilst the focus so far has rightly been on allegations of criminal and immoral actions by the News of the World and private investigators, the police themselves have recognised that they must answer questions too.

“That includes ensuring the current investigation continues with vigour and rigour, wherever the evidence takes it to reach the truth, and rooting out corrupt actions that have been alleged by individual officers. And means getting to the bottom of why the first investigation was not adequate, where we still do not have all the answers.

“But it also requires David Cameron to extend the scope of the public inquiry so it can cover the wider relationship between the press and the police, and the relationship between the press and Government.

“The excellent work the police do across the country each day must not be tarnished by continued delays and lack of answers. The Home Secretary, who has remained very silent on this, should be talking to senior police officers across the country about how to take this forward to respond to public concerns, and make sure this could never happen again.

“With every day that goes by we hear more distressing allegations about families who have been victims of hacking and other illegal investigations often when they were most vulnerable. For their sake, the public inquiry should be established fast and get on with its work now.”

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