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On the anniversary of the Government’s publication of its plans for NHS reorganisation, Labour has called it ‘a wasted year’ for the NHS. 

John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, speaking after Health Questions in Parliament today, said: 

“A year ago today, the Tory-led Government launched plans to ‘phase out the top-down management hierarchy’ and ‘reduce the number and cost’ of NHS quangos. Instead, their reckless NHS reorganisation is set to create a massive new national quango and an NHS with three times the number of public bodies, while all the time wasting precious money that should be spent on patient care.

“And a year on from the Government’s decision to scrap Labour’s waiting time patient guarantees, we now see 25,000 more patients a month waiting more than 4 hours in A&E, 12,000 more patients a month waiting more than 6 weeks for tests, and 2,300 more patients a month waiting longer than 18 weeks to get the operations they need. While the deputy NHS chief executive has rightly called this ‘unacceptable’, Ministers appear content to let the situation get worse.”

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