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John Denham MP, Shadow Business Secretary
, raised a point of order today to ask if David Cameron is intentionally dodging questions on the decision to give the Thameslink contract to Siemens in Germany rather than Bombardier in Derby. David Cameron refused to answer John Denham’s question on when he knew that the contract would be going to Siemens. 

John Denham said: 

“On Monday 7 March the Prime Minister stood with the Chairman of Bombardier and said ‘I am bringing the Cabinet to Derby today with one purpose – to do everything we can to help businesses in the region create the jobs and growth on which the future of our economy depends’. 

“People now ask whether the Prime Minister already knew his Government was planning to give the Thameslink order to Germany, costing thousands of jobs, so I asked the Prime Minister when he did know the outcome of the procurement. 

“His reply, tabled yesterday, does not answer the question. 

“Mr Speaker, is there anything you can do to get this Prime Minister to give a factual answer to a factual question? 

“Or should we assume he has something to hide?”

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