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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary
, commenting on the Mull of Kintyre report, said:

“We welcome today’s decision that previous conclusions of gross negligence must be set aside and we support and echo the apology offered to the families of the pilots.

“Previous decisions were taken in good faith, however the Air Marshalls who made the decision were not correctly informed.  Gross negligence can only be attributed where there is no doubt whatsoever, but in this case the burden of proof required was not evident.  It now appears that successive Secretaries of State, first from the Conservative Government and then from the Labour Government, were misdirected, briefed on inaccurate assumptions and came to unsustainable conclusions.  

“It now is important that we learn the right lessons from this incident for all Service personnel past and present and their families. Families should have compensation issues resolved, reform of the make-up of boards of inquiry should be considered and any concerns of individual servicemen and women must be taken extremely seriously.

“The families involved in this incident have shown dignity and bravery. We will work with the Government wherever possible to try to ensure these events are not repeated.”

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