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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, said:

"We need full disclosure of all connections, relationships and meetings between the Metropolitan Police and News International, right now. It isn't enough to defer these issues to the judge-led inquiry, as the Mayor and Home Secretary seem content to do.

“The continual drip of information about the relationship between News International, in particular the News of the World, and the Metropolitan Police Service is in serious danger of damaging the reputation of the police and tarnishing the excellent work police officers do across the capital and across the country. Policing is too important to allow that to happen.

"We now know that despite the concerns raised about hacking and the police investigations into the News of the World, the Deputy Editor at the time ended up being employed by the Metropolitan police. And the Editor at the time ended up employed by the Prime Minister. Like Downing Street, the Met need to provide more rapid answers about the security and propriety checks they did before making such a questionable employment decision.

“From the Government we also need some leadership and transparency. The Home Secretary should not be deterred from calling for greater transparency by fears of embarrassment over Andy Coulson's employment.

"We pressed from the start for the wider relationship between the press and the police, as well as between the press and politics to be part of the judicial inquiry. But we cannot wait for the inquiry for this level of openness and transparency to be forthcoming."

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