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John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, commenting on new figures showing the £228m cost of the NHS reorganisation in the last year, said:

“People will be shocked at the scale of wasted cost due to David Cameron’s reckless NHS upheaval.

“The last year has been a wasted year for the NHS, with services being cut back and long waiting times returning to the NHS. Meanwhile money for patient care is being wasted on pay-offs, management consultants and sending doctors to meetings.

“People will ask why highly trained GPs are being paid £100 an hour to go to meetings rather than see their patients. This isn’t why they joined the NHS.

“Experienced NHS staff are being paid up to a year’s salary to leave the NHS, but David Cameron has admitted that he doesn’t know how many of them will be re-hired in one of his new quangos.

“The Tory-led Government is wasting precious resources is before the Bill has even been passed by Parliament. This is not what people expected when David Cameron said he would protect the NHS.”

John Healey, commenting on the further news that the NHS is taking out full-page adverts in a Newcastle newspaper to sell the Government’s reorganisation, said:

“It is a disgrace that NHS money is being wasted on propaganda to sell the Government’s controversial reorganisation – that Parliament has still not approved – while services are being cut back and more people are waiting longer for treatment.

“Andrew Lansley should explain why he is wasting money on adverts instead of improving care for patients.”

John Healey has written to Andrew Lansley demanding an explanation for the propaganda and that no more public money be spent on such advertising.

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