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Shabana Mahmood MP, Labour's Shadow Home Office Minister, said in response to reports of concerns from police forces regarding the closure of the Forensic Science Service:

“This is extremely serious. For the Home Secretary to have put police forces in this position just goes to show the degree of incompetence from this Government on policing and crime policy.

“This example shows that because of Government cuts and poor Home Office planning, a high quality service that provided good value for money is in danger of becoming more expensive and with less quality-assurance.

“This work is of vital importance, ranging from DNA analysis to taking swabs in custody and managing crime scenes. Yet the Home Secretary seems happy for contracts to be awarded to untested companies, lacking capacity, with a rushed procurement process.

“All this at a time when police forces across the country are struggling with cuts to 16,000 police officers, curbs in DNA use for serious offences, and a Home Secretary focused on rhetoric rather than the reality on the ground. She is putting Police Forces in an impossible position.”

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