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Responding to David Cameron's interview in today's Sunday Telegraph, Yvette Cooper, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary said:
"After the events of last week what we need from the Prime Minister is not more spin but more support for the police.

"Promising the police will take a zero tolerance approach to street crime at the same time as cutting the officers they need to do the job is not leadership.

"Ten years ago, action by the police, the Labour government, communities, councils and the courts did bring street crime right down from unacceptable levels. But that was done through partnership with the police and involved more and more officers on the beat.

"Cutting 16,000 police officers will do nothing to combat gangs and street crime and increases the risks to law and order. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary will have no credibility with belated promises on crime as long as they are committed to such big cuts to policing. If they want to get serious on crime they need to rethink their plans now."

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