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The August Bank Holiday weekend will see over 700 miles of rail track closed across Britain.

Many trying to get away for the holidays will face long delays and cramped replacement buses as long stretches of the network are closed down for maintenance work.
A total of 740 miles of track are due to be closed at various times over the August Bank Holiday. This is expected to affect millions of passengers trying to travel over the weekend. The last August Bank Holiday in 2010 saw over 9 million journeys on the rail network between the Friday and Monday.
In other EU countries, alternative methods of rail maintenance are used to avoid disruptions on large sections of track, including single-line working and isolating shorter sections of track.
Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said:

“At a time when rail fares are spiralling out of control, passengers deserve better than finding they have actually paid for a replacement bus service. Christmas was ruined for many families thanks to the Tory-led government’s failure to cope with the winter weather. Now families face a real struggle to get together over the August Bank Holiday because so much of the rail network will be out of action.
“Before the election the Liberal Democrats promised massive discounts on rail tickets for those forced onto a replacement bus service. This August passengers will be asking what happened to that empty promise.”

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