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Jack Dromey MP, Labour's Shadow Communities Minister, has pressed the Tory-led Government on whether it plans to give Parliament a say on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). He today raised the issue in Business Questions asking whether the Government intended to hold a vote on the framework. The Government refused to respond.
Jack Dromey MP speaking after Business Questions said:

"The Tories have thrown the planning system into chaos, scrapping the existing system. In the meantime, investment by house builders, developers, energy companies, and transport organisations has been put off due to the uncertainty, damaging house building and economic growth. Far from solving this mess the National Planning Policy Framework will only make things worse.

"The Government has tried to bypass MPs and ignore the concerns of local people and communities. Labour has called on the Government to allow Parliament and the public a say on its planning proposals. This request has fallen on deaf ears.

"Rather than attempting to steam roll these disastrous changes through they need to sit down and start listening to people’s genuine concerns. And then at the end of a real consultative process, they should give Parliament a vote so that we have a planning system that the public trusts."

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