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Angela Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said in response to Vince Cable's interview in today's Guardian:

"The Business Secretary finally seems to be waking up to the risks facing the British economy and the need for a change of course.

"His words totally expose the complacent nonsense from the Chancellor that the UK is a safe haven and that plan A is working.

"With unemployment rising and the recovery choked off last autumn, the real question is when will David Cameron and Nick Clegg get their heads out the sand, understand the difficulties our economy is now in and tell George Osborne he needs to change course?

"Vince Cable is right to say that the reason we have a lack of growth is because of a lack of demand. But behind the Conference rhetoric we need to know what, if anything, Vince Cable is going to do to act on his views and what policies the Government is willing to reconsider."

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