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Meg Hillier MP, Labour's Shadow Energy Secretary, said in response to reports of Chris Huhne's Lib Dem conference speech:

"How can families whose finances are being squeezed take this seriously from the man who is standing idly by while energy companies raise their prices way above inflation?

"Only last week Chris Huhne was criticising consumers for not switching supplier.

"He is tinkering while people face a cold winter shivering under blankets. His own plans to reform the energy market do nothing of the sort and will exclude many potential new entrants.

"Labour called for more competition in the market months ago and for a competition commission enquiry. Chris Huhne is fiddling with an already broken system. Labour is calling for radical reform.

"Chris Huhne's failure to take on the energy companies is yet another example of how this Tory-led Government is refusing to tackle the irresponsible behaviour at the top, while hard working families suffer."

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