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Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition, said today:

"The Prime Minister is quite good at lecturing other people on getting their problems sorted out and it’s true that the Eurozone needs to sort out its debt problems. But the only way we’re going to tackle the debt problems across the world is by getting the growth that we need. And all the Prime Minister seems to be offering is to say 'I’ve got austerity here at home, I’m going to now export it abroad'. But when the recovery here in Britain was choked off last autumn, well before the global problems of recent months, that’s not a solution to the problems the world faces.

"We need a plan for growth here at home and across the world. That’s the way we tackle the debt issues that we face. The problem is that the Prime Minister may have woken up to the crisis but he doesn’t have a plan to deal with it.

"You need coordinated action and that’s why I say to the Prime Minister, President Sarkozy is the President of the G20, get him to bring forward the G20 meeting, have an emergency meeting, get the world's leaders together and get a grip on the crisis facing the world."

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