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John Healey MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said in response to Andrew Lansley's speech to Conservative Party conference:

"The Tories are out of touch with what patients and the public want from the NHS. At a time when our health service should be focused on delivering high-quality care, the NHS is being diverted by a reckless top-down reorganisation.

"Patients and NHS staff can already see long waits returning and their services being cut back, as £2 billion gets blown on an upheaval that no one wants and no one voted for. Andrew Lansley and David Cameron are both in denial about the scale of opposition to the plans, and together they have failed to show that they are listening to the ever expanding chorus of concern about the Tories’ wasteful reorganisation of the NHS.

"When 400 senior doctors tell the Tories to drop their Bill and David Cameron still claims they support him, it sounds like he's the one who needs an English test.

"From the outset, Labour has warned that the Tories' reckless reorganisation threatens to break up the NHS, fragment patient care and put competition ahead of patient care - and experts agree that this Bill will do irreparable harm to the NHS, to individual patients and to society as a whole.

"Day by day it is becoming increasingly clear that you can’t trust the Tories with the NHS."

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