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Chuka Umunna MP, Labour's Shadow Business Minister, in response to David Cameron's speech today, said:

“On the day that official figures confirmed the economy has stagnated since last autumn, David Cameron told Britain that he would continue with an austerity plan which is hurting but not working.
“This is a Government which is out of touch with the needs and values of hard-working families who worry about how to make ends meet and what the future holds for their children.
“This morning David Cameron was lecturing families about the need to pay off credit card bills. By the afternoon he had been forced to drop the offending language. But his policies are still squeezing living standards and choking off the economic recovery.
“Labour has set out a clear five point plan to create jobs, help struggling families and support small businesses. David Cameron’s speech today offered nothing but platitudes and more of the same.
“This is a Prime Minister who talks a lot about leadership but, because he and his party are wedded to outdated thinking and refuse to learn the lessons of the past, he has shown the Tories are unable to lead Britain to a better future.”

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