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At today’s PMQs, the Prime Minister inadvertently exposed how he had broken his own pledge on health spending made at the General Election.

The PM read out a quote from Labour's new Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham relating to the Tory promise to real-terms growth in health spending, over and above inflation, in every year of this Parliament - a promise they have already broken.
Labour pledged at the Election to protect the NHS frontline.

Mr Cameron’s tactics today at PMQs backfired on him as it is now clear that he failed to honour his election commitment of real-terms ‘growth’ for the NHS. In fact, the opposite is true: he has given the NHS a real-terms cut.

Treasury figures from July 2011 reveal that spending on the NHS was cut in real-terms from £102,751 million in 2009-10 to £101,985 million in 2010-11 – breaking pledges made by Mr Cameron at the Election.

Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said today:

“Mr Cameron will come to regret reading out my words today. That is because they expose his own duplicitous claims on NHS spending.

“If anyone looks at the figures, they show quite clearly that the Prime Minister failed to give the NHS the above-inflation increase he promised, as I predicted when I called his pledge ‘irresponsible’.

 “People will remember Mr Cameron’s airbrushed face on posters at the Election promising not to cut the NHS. In Government, he has delivered a real-terms cut to NHS spending. He has also set about a costly and dangerous re-organisation of the NHS when he promised the opposite.

“It is becoming clearer by the day that Mr Cameron cannot be trusted with our NHS.”

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