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Sharon Hodgson MP, Labour's Shadow Children's and Families Minister, has today published new research that shows that 47 Sure Start Children’s Centres have either closed or been earmarked for closure within the next year, and an overwhelming majority of councils have cut their funding for the service.

Sharon Hodgson MP, said:

“David Cameron’s out of touch Tories are kicking the ladders away for the next generation.

“These figures confirm what we have known all along – that David Cameron’s pledge to parents to protect and build on Sure Start has been well and truly broken. Sure Start Centres are closing as a direct result of Tory cuts which go too far, too fast.

“But even these figures don’t tell the whole story that parents are seeing on the ground: of the services withdrawn from Centres, opening hours cut and trusted staff sacked.

“David Cameron’s Tories are out of touch and out of date.”

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