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Kevan Jones MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Minister, speaking following the debate in the House of Commons on the Cabinet Secretary’s report, said:
“The Government has shown no humility and taken no responsibility.  This case cannot be considered closed.
“There has been a systematic misrepresentation of the truth and now the Tories are refusing to engage with the facts.
“The country and Parliament were denied direct answers by both Liam Fox and David Cameron today. They are trying to run away from their self-inflicted funding crisis.
“Liam Fox is not a media victim. Investigative journalism revealed the facts he chose to omit from his public statements.

“We still do not know the full facts surrounding the money trail which forced Dr Fox to resign. We do not know the true role and motives of Adam Werritty. We do not know which Cabinet Ministers knew what and when. It is inconceivable that more is not known given the donors who funded Adam Werritty also fund the Conservative Party.
“Furthermore, it is impossible to give this Government a clean bill of health when David Cameron fails to rule out similar behaviour taking place elsewhere.”

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