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Government minister Huhne has told the Commons he backs a motion - attacking Government cuts

In a debate a on electricity and gas prices today, Chris Huhne said “there is nothing we disagree with” in a Labour motion.
But the motion attacks Government cuts which will leave millions struggling to heat their homes and calls for urgent reform of the energy market.
Caroline Flint MP, Labour's Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary said:  

“Chris Huhne’s position today was ludicrous.  

"His announcement shows that the Tory-led Government are losing the argument and Labour is setting the terms of the debate on energy prices.
“Huhne caused obvious upset among Tory MPs by accepting our motion which said “...with a cold winter forecast and government support cut millions of families will struggle to heat their homes;”
“The motion also called on the energy companies to use some of their profits to reduce energy bills.
“Just a few weeks ago, the Government were so out of touch that they attacked Labour’s proposals to tackle the energy giants, to end the dominance of the Big 6, and to address these shocking price rises when people are having their living standards squeezed from all sides.
“After the failed ‘Energy Summit’, the Government are back peddling so fast – stunned by the public anger at their failure to stand up to these vested interests.  Today, the Government are all over the place, and Labour is writing Government policy.  It is clear as day that Ed Miliband is showing the leadership on this issue, not the Government.”
“Now we need the Tory-led Government to end the warm words and stop the gimmicks, and take some real action to bring down energy prices.  Anything less will be a betrayal of the public. ”

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