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Luciana Berger MP, Labour's Shadow Climate Change Minister, commenting on the Energy Bill receiving royal assent today, said:

"The Tory-led Government still has a lot of work to be done if it is to make the Green Deal work. To be successful it must be a good deal for consumers. Right now we don’t have any detail about which measures will be available or how much households will be charged in interest on Green Deal packages.

"Labour’s vision for the Green Deal is one where small businesses, cooperatives, charities and social enterprises are able to compete alongside large companies and in which proper support is given to those who struggle to heat their homes.

"That’s why we put forward proposals in Parliament to reduce administration costs for small business, guarantee them a fair access to the Green Deal market place and extra support for those in fuel poverty.

"By rejecting this approach, ministers are in danger of leaving Britain's small businesses with empty order books and many feeling the cold this winter.

"Ministers need to end the uncertainty about what incentives will be offered, what interest rate people will be charged when they take out the Green Deal and get on with delivering the green jobs and lower energy bills our country needs."

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