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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on the Government’s plans to abolish Indeterminate sentences for Public Protection, said:
“It hasn’t taken long for this Government’s sentencing plans to be shown up for what they really are – an unnecessary risk with public safety. It is classic smoke and mirrors and the public will see through it.
“Dangerous offenders deemed to be at high risk of going on to commit further serious and violent crimes should not be released from prison. It is crucial that judges retain the powers to keep the most serious and violent offenders in custody if it means our communities will be kept safe.
“By abolishing Indeterminate sentences for Public Protection and replacing them with a “two strikes and you’re out” policy, this Tory-led Government is exposing the public to unnecessary levels of risk. This will result in mandatory life sentences being handed down only after an offender has committed two serious sexual or violent crimes.
“The new Extended Determinate Sentence does not address the problem of unreformed offenders who have completed their sentence being released to commit crime and inflict harm on the public. Under this Government's plans, offenders who are a danger to the public would still be released from prison.
“The public want to be protected from serious violent offenders and safe in the knowledge that they won’t be released from prison. By abolishing indeterminate sentences, it is clear that the Government doesn't recognise this and shows how out of touch they are on crime and law and order.”

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