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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to the launch of the social housing swap website, said:

“Grant Shapps wants to take Britain back to the Tebbit times with his social housing swap scheme. Then it was ‘on yer bike’. Now its ‘on yer website’.

“This is Grant’s latest gimmick. And it is overhyping something that has happened for years. Of course, it should be made easier for people to move if they want to. But the ‘big problem’ is a Housing Minister presiding over a housing crisis, a slump in house building, a failing mortgage market and soaring rents in the private sector. And he is part of an out of date, out of touch Tory-led Government that is locked into an austerity package, a flat-lining economy and rising unemployment. Shelter is right. Home swaps are ‘a drop in the ocean’ in the context of the wider housing crisis.”

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