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David and Samantha Cameron have posed for a photographer in their flat for a spread in the latest addition of Grazia magazine. The pictures show Cameron’s Downing Street flat which has been lavishly refurbished recently using £30,000 of taxpayers’ money.

Tom Watson MP, Deputy Chair of the Labour Party, said:

"At a time when David Cameron is squeezing the income of millions of hard working families, he has decided to show off his grace and favour accommodation which he has lavishly and unnecessarily refurbished at the taxpayers' expense. 

"£30,000 of taxpayers' money was reportedly spent on refurbishing the flat - more than most workers earn in a year. 

"In his interview, it seems that Cameron is trying to look as if he dislikes macho culture in politics and addressing the problem that he is utterly out of touch with women. But the problem is that words are not enough. His policies hurt women and families who are not able to make the taxpayer pay for their designer furniture or their flats to be refurbished. 

"This is blatant hypocrisy and shows just how out of touch Cameron is.”

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