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Chris Bryant, Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, responding to a damning report from the Home Affairs Select Committee on the failures at UKBA and the Home Office, said:

“These numbers betray a shocking failure at the heart of this Tory-led Government.  The Government's chaotic approach to immigration enforcement has meant 100,000 people have been quietly dumped into the ‘untraceable’ file and borders staff have given up on dealing with them. The number of people who borders staff cannot trace has gone up by a truly disturbing 500 per cent in the last year.

"What is even more worrying is that the Government is completely undermining the UK Border Agency and hampering strong enforcement of our borders by cutting over 5,000 staff from the agency, at a time when we need a better, stronger UK Border Agency not a weaker one, hamstrung by Government.

“It is also a grave concern that the Home Secretary’s approach to transparency has been described as a ‘serious matter’ by the Committee. The handling of the Raed Salah case was a complete shambles, and it is even worse if the Home Office is trying to cover it up.”

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