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Kate Green MP, Labour's Shadow Equalities Minister, commenting at the beginning of Anti Bullying Week, said:

“We know that ninety five per cent of secondary school teachers have reported hearing anti-gay language in their school and that nine in ten say that young people have been the victim of homophobic bullying– regardless of their sexual orientation. This is a huge worry and it’s high-time that we shone a light on this serious problem.

"Our school days are when most of us grow into the people we become as adults and during this time, we all want our kids to be happy and confident about who they are. Yet homophobic bullying continues to negatively impact pupils’ school work and sows the seeds of low confidence and self-esteem early in life.

"Thanks to the fantastic work of organisations like Stonewall, Parliament has made inroads into challenging homophobic hate crime in recent times. We now need to ensure that Government devotes serious attention to tackling the serious issue of homophobic bullying.”

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