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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour's Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact report published today, said:

"The ICAI report raises serious concerns about the Tory-led Government’s ability to deliver on their stated priorities for UK aid.

"They came into office promising a crackdown on corruption and a new focus on ensuring UK aid delivers tangible results. Eighteen months later their own newly created watchdog highlights a serious failure to take the necessary steps to deliver on these commitments. It also raises concerns about the Department’s capacity to monitor aid spending which will only be made worse by the planned staffing cuts.

"Andrew Mitchell should replace rhetoric with the action which is urgently needed. We fully support his decision to prioritise UK aid spending in fragile countries but that requires a frankness about the challenges this presents to DfID, and a more coordinated and strategic approach.

"The vast proportion of UK aid gets to the people who need it the most. But in these difficult financial times we have a particular responsibility to strengthen public confidence and support."

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