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Labour today held the Government to account over its legislative programme which has ground to a halt in recent weeks, with the Government accused of “going into hibernation” due to its lack of ideas.

*  The Business for the next two weeks for the House of Commons does not include a single debate on substantive Government legislation
*  The vast majority of House of Commons Business over the next two weeks is being nominated by the Opposition or by the Backbench Business Committee

Angela Smith MP, Labour’s Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, raising the Government’s continued failure to bring any substantive legislation to the House of Commons at Business Questions, said:

“Can the Leader of the House tell us when the Government is going to bring to the House business of any legislative substance? For some time now we have seen a distinct absence of Government sponsored business and the schedule just announced, which takes us to almost the very end of the session, is no different.  

“Perhaps, Mr Speaker, the Government is responding to the dark days of winter and the even darker days of the economic crisis it has helped to create by going into hibernation.

“After just 18 months in Government they have run out of ideas while their economic policy has run into the sand. At a time when millions of families are desperately worried about what the future holds, the Government is showing how desperately out of touch it is by offering no new legislation and not a single debate of any substance."

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