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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on the publication of the draft legislation on the recall of MPs, said:
"It is hugely important that the public have faith in our political system and the politicians they elect. A system of recall for MPs involved in serious wrongdoing could be a crucial step to regaining the public's confidence and something Labour has been calling for.
"The fact that MPs have a final say in whether a recall petition is triggered, unless an MP commits a crime punishable with a prison sentence, is certainly not what the Tory or Lib Dem manifestos promised. This is yet another broken promise from this Tory-led government.
"There needs to be clear guidelines and checks and balances to ensure a recall trigger can't be abused by particular interest groups and works to the benefit of all constituents. We will scrutinise this draft legislation carefully and work to bring a system of recall for MPs into force as soon as possible."

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