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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said in response to today’s King’s Fund report on the ‘leadership vacuum’ in NHS London:
"Labour has repeatedly warned that the Tory-led Government is running unacceptable risks with patient care and this report adds weight to our call for the Government to release the national risk register of its reckless NHS reorganisation.
"This is yet more evidence of the risks David Cameron's Government is running with patient safety in London. By abolishing NHS structures before Parliament has approved new ones, David Cameron has left London’s NHS in a dangerous limbo. Lord Darzi is right to warn of the devastating consequences of this ‘leadership vacuum’ and that patient care must not suffer because of the Tories' reckless reorganisation.
"Last month we revealed the devastating risk register for NHS London showing how concerned staff are at the Government’s gamble with patient safety, warning of ‘preventable harm to children’ or risks to women from a failure to plan maternity services.
"We have consistently warned that this is the wrong time to reorganise the NHS. This reorganisation is costing London NHS a staggering £566m. It is unforgivable to spend that amount on consultants and redundancies when the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history."

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