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Johann Lamont, the new Scottish Labour Leader, today unveiled the first appointments to her shadow cabinet. Over the coming weeks, additional appointments from outside the world of politics will be made to bring specialist advice in their areas of expertise to shadow cabinet discussions.

The shadow cabinet will meet for the first time today (Monday) in Glasgow.

Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Party Leader, said:

“My Shadow Cabinet will be inclusive, bringing together experienced former ministers and newer voices to speak on the important issues for Scotland.

“Our job will not just be to hold the Scottish Government to account, but to show our party's ambition again.

"Together we must set out and convince the people of Scotland of Labour’s vision for our country.

“Ours is a positive vision for a prosperous Scotland that can pay its own way, a wealth-creating Scotland that uses its wealth to build a fairer country, a Scotland determined that not one person’s talent is wasted, a Scotland that challenges all Scots to be all that they can be, and which creates the conditions in which we can reach our aspirations.

“My Shadow Cabinet will comprise elected politicians and also experts in their fields from all walks of life to advise, share experience and help shape the future of our country. I will make more appointments in the coming weeks and months.

  • Scottish Labour Party Deputy Leader - Anas Sarwar
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland - Margaret Curran
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth – Ken Macintosh
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy – Jackie Baillie
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning – Hugh Henry
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Culture, External Affairs and the Commonwealth Games - Patricia Ferguson
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment – Richard Baker
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice - Lewis Macdonald
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Planning – Sarah Boyack
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment – Claire Baker
  • Scottish Labour Parliamentary Business Manager – Paul Martin
  • Chief Whip - James Kelly

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