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Chuka Umunna MP, Labour's Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on a letter from twenty business leaders, including Lord Brittan, Sir Richard Branson and BT Chairman Sir Mike Rake, highlighting concerns on the effect the Government’s stance on Europe will have on businesses in the UK, published in the Daily Telegraph today, said:

“It is crucial the UK is fully engaged in the European Union because that is the best thing for growth and British jobs. We already know, given comments which the Deputy Prime Minister and Business Secretary have made, that the Government’s detached position in Europe is detrimental to our interests. Now a significant number of business leaders, including Sir Richard Branson, have highlighted the risks the Government’s detached position poses for British businesses, warning that the Government’s failure to be fully involved in EU decision making could undermine the single market and the three million British jobs that depend on exports to the EU.

“Ministers are out of touch with British businesses because they have severely compromised their ability to fight British business’ corner in Europe. To protect the single market and continue to attract inward investment, it is now crucial the Government repairs the serious damage it has done to our influence in Europe because, as so many business people tell us, if it fails to do so it will damage British business. We need a proper plan for growth and jobs in Europe as well as here in Britain, which the Government has failed to put in place.”

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