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Shabana Mahmood MP, Labour’s Shadow Higher Education Minister, commenting on today’s UCU report showing that Government funding for university teaching and research is falling to its lowest proportion in more than a century, said:
"Today’s figures show that ministers are putting the status of our world class university sector in jeopardy. It is important that graduates, taxpayers and businesses, all groups who benefit from higher education – contribute fairly to the costs of running a world class sector. This is at a time when Government decisions have created a difficult and uncertain environment for universities and students alike.
“We have a world class university sector, but the actions of the Government will result in teaching and research funding being reduced to its lowest levels in over a century and risk decades of progress being undone.   
“The Government’s unfair, unnecessary and unsustainable decision to treble tuition fees to £9,000 while cutting university funding by 80 per cent is threatening the UK’s future growth potential and holding back aspiration of people up and down the country. This demonstrates how out of touch ministers have become, and their failure to make the right decisions for the long term.  Our proposal is that tuition fees should be cut to £6,000, paid for by reversing the corporation tax cut on the banks.”

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